Production Services

In addition to producing our own projects we can assist the development of your production in numerous ways. Whether you are taking a leap to produce your first film/video, or trying to navigate the sea of Social Media marketing, call us to see how we can assist. We have access to highly skilled producers, directors, talent and social media professionals who work on an "as needed" basis to assist you. Call / email and let's see if we can be of assistance to you.

Social Media Marketing Consulting and In-House Coaching:

Social Media Marketing - a whole new world of marketing. Do you really have to participate? Well, yes. From simple Facebook pages to full Social Media Marketing structures, we assist our clients in creating relevant, valuable content that drives traffic to their websites and increases sales.

  Do you know for certain what your fans are looking for when they visit Facebook? We do.
  Do you know where you'll get the most return on your investment of time in Social Media? We do.

We've developed a simple Social Media Scorecard so you can know exactly where you stand on the spectrum of effectiveness in Social Media and see for yourself where to enhance your current efforts.

We've assisted small and medium sized businesses in creating and implementing their Social Media plans and make it easy for them to maintain those plans on their own.

Video is the new power tool in Social Media: There are specific emotional and technical reasons why video works. If you have existing video, photos or other presentations, it's possible your existing materials can be re-purposed into an effective marketing video putting your business in the Social Media game right away. If you'd like to start from the beginning, we can assist you in creating a video with "calls to action" that will drive appropriate visitors and prospects to your website.

Video Views: Maybe your video is compeleted and you love it. Now what? Let us assist you in navigating the sea of social media marketing options so you can choose what is best for creating more views for your video. We can handle the minutia of daily details for you, or coach your staff to become your own in-house social media marketers.

Coaching/Consulting: "Restoring the Spark" for Creative Professionals:

Creative Professional doesn't have to be an oxymoron. What's the most important source of your creativity? Private creativity sessions can restore the creative spark to your spirit and renew your belief in yourself, your talent, your chosen field. Restoring creative spark can even help you find your own innovations and trust your own growth process. We have assisted hundreds of professionals in clearing out the cobwebs in their heads and planning out their creative projects. Call / email and we'll discuss. Tel) 310-228-8384

For the Screenwriter and the Playwright:

SCRIPT COVERAGE: Having a professional read a script and provide written feedback can save a writer hours of pain and worry. With over 20 years of experience with dramatic structure, character, dialogue and all of the elements that make a story work, our professionals can provide you with the feedback that will prepare your script for it's next step.

Hear Your Script Read Out Loud by Professional Actors:

TABLE READS: Sometimes all a writer needs is to hear their words read out loud by professional actors. A simple table read with professional actors who are experienced at working with developing scripts can be just what the screenwriter needs to move on in their creative process. We can cast the reading for you, organize the actors, secure the venue and give you the space you need to listen and create. As the writer in charge, once the reading is completed, you can solicit feedback from the performers or not -- as you wish. We understand how talented you are and just want to give you the space to perfect your work.
Just call us to talk about it and see if this is right for you. Tel) 310-228-8384


STAGED READINGS: A little more than a table read. Invite trusted colleagues to hear your script read aloud and solicit feedback from those colleagues in a very safe space. We will cast the reading for you, add an experienced staged reading director if you like, organize your guest list, cast and organize the actors, secure an appropriate venue , etc. You are welcome to add refreshements if you like and we will take care of that work for you, too so you can do what you do best. Just write. Call us. We'll talk about what is best for your project. Tel) 310-228-8384

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